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About product's condition

Condition of the product is categorized on the item's descriptioin page:

  • New - Brand new and have not been used.
  • Rank S - Close to brand-new state, with minor scratches. Overall in good condition.
  • Rank A - Some scratches and stains. Appear to have been used.
  • Rank B - Major scratches and stains. Obvious to have been used.
  • Rank C - Serious scratches and stains. Great traces of use.

Ordering method

  1. Add goods to the shopping cart
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    It will turn to the confirmation page of shopping cart.
    To purchase other items, click "Continue shopping" button.
    To change the number of items, click "Recalculate" button.
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  4. Confirm delivery address
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    To specify the delivery time, fill in your requestment in the “Remarks” column.
    After confirming that all entered data is correct, click "Next".
  5. Choose payment and delivery methods
    In the final confirmation screen, information such as the price of each item, freight charges, and the total amount will be displayed.
    (You may then choose the payment method between "bank posting" or "go to the nearest Brandoff shop for payment")
  6. Confirm the order
    After confirming the content, click "Confirm order" button.
Please note:

We regret that Brandoff employees in our stores are not permitted to order products from "BRAND OFF SHOPPING MALL HONGKONG" for their customers.

You may choose to pick up the items from our stores after ordering from our online shop.

The items shown on "Brandoff large shopping site" are also available in our stores. You may also purchase the items from our stores directly.

For products' status and conditions, you may inquire our staff at our stores.

Age limit is not set for shopping at "Brandoff Shopping Center". However, persons under the age of 18 are required to obtain the consent of the guardian before purchasing any product.
Customers under the age of 18 are not alloowed to use credit cards for payment.

Delivery fees

【Company Name】 - Yamato Transportation (Hong Kong) Limited and International Express Mail

Confirmation of orders

You will receive a confirmation e-mail from us.
In addition, you may also confirm your order in "My Home".